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If you want to stay current with the latest financial information and investment advice, You Tube is one of your best resources.

Sorting through millions of videos every day can be challenging, though.

There is more of a channel to get an overview of economic issues rather than the latest financial news or investing advice, but it can definitely broaden your horizons and help you understand finances and economics.

Reggie Middleton is an unconventional investor and entrepreneur who offers his original analysis on many financial topics.

Bloomberg has both its own video channel and a channel on You Tube, so you will never run out of content put out by this massive site.

You can find a large number of new videos every day on topics such as popular gadgets, analysis of political issues, influential companies and much more.

It’s more of a curation site rather than the point of view of any one expert or analyst.

The blog has several insightful commentators who regularly write for it, such as Chris Ciaccia, Rocco Pendola and Adam Feuerstein.

Money Talk News was founded by Stacy Johnson and has been running in one form or another for 20 years.

You Tube gives you the latest way to keep up with their insights.

While not a financial site per se, this site deals a lot with the financial and investment side of technology.

There are always new videos on the very latest trends and the companies who are making the biggest impact.


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