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I mean, there are tons of free games to download even, and it's such an interactive way to get spooked.

Free games, like Slender are easy downloads and pretty mild.

Candy Eating Contest What better way to really rev up the romance than by getting a large bowl of chocolate in front of you and seeing who can eat more, or at least who can finish it the fastest. Honestly, if someone watches you vomit and they still want you, you should marry that person. Turn Your Apartment/Home/Parent's Basement into a "Haunted House"It doesn't matter if you've got your own place or your still living under your parents' roof (maybe that fact alone makes it a house of horrors), what is not more fun than turning your living space into a fun little haunted house for you and your significant other.

Make it scary, or just make it atmospheric or fun, it's your call, just make it memorable and remember, this one takes time. Horror Video Games It is really fun to watch others on You Tube get freaked out playing horror video games, why not bring the show to your own living room.

Or if you're heartless like me, laugh at them and video it to enjoy later. Two Words, Youtube Horror Why pay for a movie when You Tube has some eerie delights for free.

Salad Fingers, Marble Hornets, 31, Welcome to Nightvale, and even Adult Swim's line of comedy/horror are all good.

Well, you've stumbled across the perfect article for your mildly specific needs!

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To keep it casual, wear a neutral graphic tee and hoodie, but spruce things up with a festive hair bow.

But if you're thinking about skipping the costumes this year, there are plenty of other ways to look cute and celebrate the 31st!

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween date ideas (take the hint and ask me out, Dave Franco), along with corresponding looks for each occasion. These activities are equally as fun without a date, so grab your girlfriends and get moving.

However, the large amounts of candy you buy will make up for the incredible amount of backlash your significant other has forced you to suffer through.

| ELLE Halloween can be a fun time to dress up with your significant other - after all, so many great costumes come in pairs.


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