Mcafee agent not updating epo server

The problem seems to be happening to our new laptops, which leads me to believe that we may have missed a setting while building the image for these laptops. 19 February 2007 Info Script Checking update packages from repository e POSA_ACSCRKAEPO.

19 February 2007 Info Script Initializing update... 19 February 2007 Info Script Extracting catalog.z.

servers in a new Vscan 8.5i group just weren't being updated and e PO wasn't communicating with the agent on lots of computers.

Turns out that there was duplication of computer names. the log looks oktry what prak saysit is obviously getting to the server as is displayedthe other log tells you more if you save the previous - it is more diagnostici assume you are still at default policy that it is 5 mins and i assume you have checked the obvious - of can it resolve back etc Thanks Prak, Terry I have searched the directory listing for this machine name and nothing is returned I don't think there are duplicate machines.

What I would probably do is delete the agent GUID id from the registry and then create the new image.

Then each machine would get a unique GUID id when the framework service starts up again.

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If you have more then 3 to 5 machines being affected by this issue, I would recommend doing this in very small batches, as it can affect network performance significantly.This is because I had to perform very specific actions to get it to work (monitoring the agent closely to ensure it didn't throw out error messages or fail to communicate entirely after a short while).Additionally, sometimes it just...doesn't work and needs to be redone from the beginning several times in order to check in properly.For the majority of those machines, they have a check-in time of (today's date).Obviously one or two have agent issues, but, for the majority seem to be communicating properly.19 February 2007 Info Management Enforcing Policies for VIRUSCAN8000 19 February 2007 Info Management Enforcing Policies for EPOAGENT3000META 19 February 2007 Info Management Enforcing Policies for EPOAGENT3000 19 February 2007 Info Management Enforcing Policies for e Policy Orchestrator Agent 19 February 2007 Info Scheduler Added a new task Deployment to Scheduler's task list 19 February 2007 Info Agent Agent finished Enforcing policies 19 February 2007 Info Agent Next policy enforcement in 5 minutes 19 February 2007 Info Scheduler Scheduler: Invoking task [Deployment]...


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