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SEAL training is harder than the Infantry school, so the chances of a woman passing is very small.

For that matter, most of the men who try out for the SEALs don't make it.

There's almost no chance that a woman could make it unless they lower the standards that make them elite forces. " The main problem today is that the average load for a combat infantryman is over 40 kg (88 pounds) and men (in general) have always had more muscle, upper body strength and the ability to handle heavy loads better than women.

But in situations like convoy escort, base security, or support jobs in the combat zone the combat load is lower and more manageable for women.

Janet Wolfenbarger leads Air Force Materiel Command and Gen. On Capitol Hill, three of the four women elected to the Senate in 1992 are leading key committees.

Within the military, more women than ever before are reaching leadership roles—the Air Force is led by Deborah James. Michelle Howard is the Navy’s second-in-command, Gen.

By 1995, Martha Mc Sally became the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, flying an A-10 Thunderbolt II on a mission in Iraq.

Twenty years later, while the military grapples with rampant sexual assault, the Pentagon has opened more combat roles to women.

As with desegregating the military or allowing homosexuals to openly serve, the situation called for an order from the top.

Defense Secretary Les Aspin ordered the chiefs of the military to drop the prohibition on women flying in combat missions.


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