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This first expansion pack for the Sims 3 allows the player to take their Sims, using their phones or computers, to exotic locations such as Egypt, the Far East and France through to accept challenges, discover treasure and explore caves.Landmarks can explored, relationships can be built and new skills such as photography can be learnt.The France area, however, is laid out like a country villa--there are small clusters of community lots separated by long country roads.Fortunately, in all lots, your sims can quickly travel from place to place by way of bicycle or scooter (which they'll use automatically), and at these different locations, they'll be able to not only seek out new adventures in ancient tombs but also partake in local color.Players will be able to build up to four levels down below their homes.Trap doors, hidden passageways, and different triggering mechanisms will be available included the classic torch lever.We've already extensively catalogued our time in Egypt in our previous coverage, so this time around, we'll focus on China and France.

In no time, we were being briefed on the mission by the crabby old man who posted the notice (and also automatically added him to our sim's contact list to develop as a potential friend--or enemy--later).You can also soak up local culture by exploring new social options that are unique to those regions, such as challenging another martial artist to a sparring session or learning a French country song from the local vintner.Our own outing began with a trip to China to start training in the ways of the warrior and maybe get some really good egg rolls.This expansion comes with worth of Sim Points to spend in the online store.New traits for Sims will also be added, of which have a relation to the adventure aspect of the pack.This would be a departure from Sims of the past when it was merely the user's manipulation that was used to put their sims in unpleasant situations.


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