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But I get far more out of the experience when I set an intention.

Tobacco is used to “seal the container” — meaning it’s blown in places around the (sacred meeting place) whether this is a purpose built round building or any kind of space adapted for the purpose. This is sometimes done by the shaman lighting a cigarette made from hand-rolled mapacho tobacco and inhaling it and blowing it on you (e.g., on your head/crown chakra and chest/heart chakra).

There’s a school of thought that wearing white attracts light energy and bright spirits.

By extension, it may be that dark clothes attract dark energies.

If you can’t find the red tape, always turn your flashlight on under your shirt.

You just need enough light to navigate your way to the bathroom or whatnot. I also bring a hard case for my eyeglasses and I put this along with other sundry items like my cell phone (which is turned off completely) and keys in a cloth bag.


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